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Meeting Paula Abdul

Meeting Paula Abdul with something so unexpected. My sister decided to take me to see her in concert on November 30 of 2018. We had just lost my 31 year old nephew on June 2018 from suicide and I was so devastated. It was very hard for me to continue my art. At this point. I had to stop completely doing artwork. One day my sister decided to surprise me would take us to go see pull up to it for my birthday. She suggested to draw Paula and her dog and maybe we can give it to her. I did not really feel like doing any art at this point, but I pushed myself to draw Paula and her beloved Bessie.  It took me two weeks in about 50 hours to complete the portrait. I was not sure how I was going to give this to her at a concert. When we got to the concert, we were told that only VIP people were allowed to speak with Paula after the concert. I remember feeling so disappointed that we cannot afford VIP tickets. I felt very discouraged at this point but something incredible happened that night something very unexpected. My sister and I went to the bathroom and on our way out we got pushed into the VIP crowd. They were asking us for our tickets and we showed her tickets and they did not say anything that we were not VIP I was shocked we actually got in as VIPs. I honestly could not believe that I was going to go in the back after the concert to meet Paula when the time came, they would not let me in because Paula is not allowed to receive any gifts. At this point I took the drawing out of my portfolio and I showed it to Paula screaming at her to please let me in because I did this for her. She told the security people to please let me in because she wanted that drawing on her wall I could not believe the miracle of this evening. It really made me believe in myself again and I continue doing my artwork after this incredible experience.

paula abdul concert.jpg

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