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Meeting Akiane Kramarik

Akiane palm beach show 2.jpg

One of my biggest dreams came true on February 16 of 2023. It’s been a dream of mine to meet Akiane Kramarik since I discovered her story and her art in the movie, Heaven is for real in 2014. Her life story and art woke up the artist in me. Because of Akiane kramarik I once again fought to live in 2014.  Shortly after I lived, I began my art on January 2015. Akiane’s art and work has been an incredible source of inspiration for me and she had been my biggest role model. I’ve been dreaming for years the moment where I will meet her and thank her for everything. On Sunday, February 12 I was browsing through Instagram and I came across an advertisement that she will be participating in the Palm Beach art show on February 16 of 2023. I was so happy to see that that same night I booked my flight and headed for West Palm beach. I have family in Florida, so I stayed with my sister and my niece. I took my niece with me since I know she also loves Akiane. When I first saw her, I was extremely nervous. I couldn’t believe my dream came true. I introduced myself to her, and I thanked her for saving my life. She gave me such a big hug. I started crying uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe my biggest dream came true that day it was like the biggest miracle. I felt such peace when I hugged her. It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I was also very happy to have been able to give her a copy of a pastel painting. I did of her when she was eight years old, painting, the Prince of Peace. This pastel painting is also an award winner. I also got to meet her incredible family and they were just amazing people. I spoke to her, her mom for a while and told them my miraculous story.  It was such a surreal experience.  I am so grateful and so blessed to have experienced such an incredible moment in my life.  I feel like anything in life is possible.  If you haven’t read Akiane’s story, here’s the link

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